Perl 6 Download

Rakudo Star

Rakudo Star 2019.03 is a useful and usable production distribution of Perl 6 which supports the latest Diwali Perl 6 (6.d language version).

Installing from binaries

Windows and macOS users can directly install the most recent version of Rakudo Star from the downloads section.

Docker users can directly install with docker pull rakudo-star

Installing from source

People on UNIX-like systems can try out Rakudo Star from an extracted source tarball.

You will need recent versions of perl, git, make and gcc. Also a basic familiarity with UNIX.

For full instructions see's "Install Rakudo Star from Source" page

A quick start for Linux/Mac/BSD/Mingw etc. follows:

% wget
% tar xfz rakudo-star-2019.03.tar.gz
% cd rakudo-star-2019.03
% perl --gen-moar --make-install --prefix ~/rakudo

Rakudo Star 2019.03 Errata

  • Windows port: NativeCall modules, such as Linenoise, may not fully work depending on compiler (differs depending on whether mingw or MSVC and whether 32 or 64 bit).
  • Windows 10, using the Windows Subsystem for Linux: You might have to apply this fix to account for the WSL not supporting execstack properly
  • Intel/Linux, Intel/*BSD and Mac: no specific issues known currently.